Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to take digestive enzymes?

Most foods are over processed and over cooked. Let me explain. Pasteurized orange juice is heated up specifically to deactivate all the enzymes to prevent spoilage. You may get vitamin C when you drink a glass of orange juice but no enzymes. Temperatures above 118 degrees destroy the enzymes. Unfortunately, we have baked, boiled, canned, cooked, fried, micro-waved, pasteurized, refined, roasted and stewed the enzymes right out of our foods.

What exactly does a digestive enzyme do?

Digestive enzymes aid in the digestion, absorption and elimination of foods. By helping in the initial digestive process there is less demand put on your digestive system. Subsequently, they de-stress the digestive system so that it does not create excess stomach acid.

Will the digestive system stop functioning if I take digestive enzymes for a long time?

No, research has shown some adaptability of the digestive system in animals; giving oral enzymes resulted in a slight decrease in digestive enzymes output that quickly returned to normal once supplementing with enzymes stopped. The digestive system does not stop functioning.

When is the best time for giving the enzymes?

Preferably, take the digestive enzymes with the first few bites of the meal or just before mealtime. If you forget, take the digestive enzymes during the meal, at the end of the meal or after you’re done eating.

My child will not swallow capsules. Can I sprinkle the digestive enzymes on her food?

Yes. The digestive enzymes will mix with foods or beverages. Just pull the capsule open and empty it out. If you use less than an entire capsule, you can just click the capsule back together and use the rest of the digestive enzymes later.

Why take an enzyme supplement if I can just eat raw foods?

You could, except that raw food diets are difficult to maintain. Eating raw meat, with the danger of bacterial toxins, is not advisable as a means of obtaining food enzymes. Also, the amount of enzymes present in raw food is such that it would take many hours to adequately digest the food, and raw food does not necessarily contain all the enzymes needed. Digestive enzyme supplements are a concentrated form of food enzymes that you may add to any diet so breakdown of food will occur at a faster rate.

Why would you want a digestive enzyme product as a nutritional or dietary supplement?

A healthy digestive system is the key to good health. A digestive enzyme is 1 of the top 2 necessary nutritional supplements for good health. The other one is a multiple vitamin and mineral. Digestive enzymes, used properly, can provide a substantial benefit to most everyone, especially those consuming a great deal of cooked or processed food. Digestive enzymes may ease bloating, gas and heaviness with meals. They enhance digestion of food, the absorption and assimilation of nutrients and the elimination of wastes.

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