De-stress for Better Digestion

We all know that stress can contribute to sleep problems, increased moodiness and low energy. But did you know it can also have a huge influence on your digestion? If you’re feeling bloated, having irregular bowel movements or regularly suffering from digestive discomfort, stress may be the missing link in your hunt for a solution. What happens when you stress? Our body’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) is made up of two main branches that usually act in opposition to each other: the sympathetic (or ‘fight-or-flight’) division, and the parasympathetic (or ‘rest-and-digest’) division. The sympathetic nervous system gets going during physical

Stress and Digestion

Stress affects most organs of the body and the stomach is no exception. Stress can cause those familiar knots in the stomach, some types of ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, poor absorption of nutrients leading to further ill health, and oversecretion of stomach acids. If all this sounds like a pain in the gut, it is! Of course, not all these conditions are caused by stress alone, but a person who is subjected to chronic stressors in their life will almost always suffer some form of digestional difficulty. It may be a sore stomach, frequent burping, heartburn or gastric reflux, or bouts

How stress causes a nervous stomach and bad digestion

Diamond symbols linked to decision text. I’m not a doctor, these are my observations on troubleshooting my own digestive problems. I’m currently reading the first academic tome on the immune system and its integral connection with mental and physical health which makes any sense.  

How Stress Impairs Digestion and How to Fix It

We often think of digestion in terms of the food we eat. And while the quality of our food is an important aspect of digestive health, the effect of stress on digestion should not be underestimated. All the raw foods, enzymes and herbal bitters in the world can’t help you if your digestive difficulties are caused by stress. How Stress Impacts Digestion The typical stress response involves the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol from the adrenal glands. The hormones trigger reactions like an accelerated pulse. They also cause changes in the digestive system, like sudden lack of appetite,

How Stress Affects Digestion

Have you ever “choked” under stress? Did you ever have to make a “gut-wrenching” decision under pressure? If so, then you know how stress can affect your digestion. “Stress can affect every part of the digestive system,” says Kenneth Koch, MD, professor of medicine, section on gastroenterology and medical director of the Digestive Health Center at Wake Forrest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. “Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the great German writer and philosopher, believed that the gut was the seat of all human emotions.” What Happens to Digestion Under Stress? Digestion is controlled by the enteric nervous system,