How To Take GoldenZymes

The proper way to use this product is to take 1 capsule whenever you eat. However, if you have a digestive tract problem take 2 capsules with meals and 1 capsule with snacks. You can also take more, i.e. 3 capsules with a meal, if you suspect a problem. You do not have to be scared of this all natural product.

If your goal is to get off of a medication that is shutting off your stomach acid, start taking 2 capsules with meals and 1 capsule with snacks (or more if necessary) as you wean off the medication.

Four additional suggestions:

1 – Get my booklet – Digestive System Health – The Key To A Healthier You and read it.
2 – Chew your food well, 32 times per mouthful or until liquid.
3 – Eat smaller meals, more often, say 6 per day.
4 – Limit the intake of processed foods.

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