What Spices Will Help With Constipation & Lack of Energy?

There are a variety of spices that will help with constipation and loss of energy. According to Merc-Buyers.com, constipation and irregular bowl movements can contribute to loss of energy because it may indicate that the digestive system is not functioning efficiently and is using up the body’s energy in processing. Certain spices may aid with relief of constipation and low energy. However, DrHoffman.com warns that caution must be used with spices, as they may aggravate existing stomach conditions, such as ulcers.


Constipation is primarily caused by diet. Lack of fiber in the diet is a significant contributor to constipation, explains the Merc-Buyers website. LeafLady.org recommends a blend of spices made from ginger, cape aloe, garlic, cascara sagrada, cayenne pepper, barberry root and senna leaf to help in overcoming constipation. According to TheMedicalQuestions.com, those with constipation should be wary that the heavy use of spices may burn just as much going out as they do being eaten.


Poor digestion can be the cause for loss of energy. There are spices that aid in the digestive process. Ajwain, cumin and zeera (commonly spelled jeera, the seed of cumin) are some of the most powerful spices that aid the body in the digestive process. These spices help to break down food particles and work with the body’s natural acids and enzymes to absorb nutrients and process food. In addition, a bonus of all three of these spices is that they aid in the reduction of flatulence, according to IndianExpress.com.


According to Lisa Balbach on the Kirtland Community College website, metabolism is what regulates how quickly the body processes the calories from food. Cayenne pepper, hot sauce, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric all help to increase the body’s metabolism. These spices burn off excess calories and, when eaten with heavier fatty foods that traditionally slow down metabolism, can offset the effects of the food, explains WeightLossForAll.com. This does not mean that they stop the body from receiving the nutrients in the food. Most of the metabolism increasing spices are “hot,” so use sparingly until the pallet is used to them.

Source: eHow

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